A Comprehensive Program for Proper Appliance Disposal

Collection and Recycling

The Universal Appliance Recycling collections system makes appliance recycling easy for you. For medium to large size loads, we offer truckload collections from retailer's store, warehouse, or other designated site. Just call our office to schedule appliance pickup and our courteous and professional collection staff will be there to haul away your appliances.

You can count on us!

When we recycle your appliances, you receive additional benefits. Regularly calling Universal Appliance Recycling to pick up appliances from your facility keeps your site clean and safe. This service makes Universal Appliance Recycling, the used appliance destination that protects you, and the environment, the most. So when it comes to who's going to be responsible for the proper disposal of your appliances, count on the full service appliance recycling experts.

The Universal Appliance Recycling processing system manages your appliances using the most advanced and environmentally responsible methods available. At our recycling centers, we recover and reclaim all refrigerants, including CFCs, HCFCs, and sulfur dioxide. Plus, we properly manage all hazardous and environmentally harmful parts, including capacitors (which may contain PCBs).

Our mission is to provide appliance removal and recycling services to individuals and businesses such as property management companies and protection of the environment from improperly disposed chemicals.

Count on us!

Property Managers

Successful property management depends on utilizing the most efficient, affordable, and reliable products and services available. When it comes to your appliances, Universal Appliance Recycling, provides all that and more! Since 1952, our Appliance Management Program has proven to be the industry's #1 choice for delivery, professional and reliable on-site service, and EPA-approved used appliance disposal and recycling. With this comprehensive "one-stop" program, you won't have to look anywhere else for your appliance needs - Universal Appliance Recycling does it all! For more information or to open a Universal account, call us today.

Risk Management
The Universal Appliance Recycling risk management system takes full responsibility for proper, safe, and legal appliances. Once Universal Appliance Recycling picks up your used appliances, we assume responsibility by taking legal title to them. You don't have to worry about a thing. Universal Appliance Recycling has the environmental commitment and financial strength to protect you from the risks associated with managing used appliances.

Let Universal Appliance Recycling's proven risk management work for you.

Delivery Service

Universal Appliance Recycling delivers all kind of appliances in the following areas:

  • Prince George County
  • Montgomery County
  • Prince George County
  • Montgomery County
  • Northern Virginia
  • Washington DC

We make sure all items are treated with care and diligence.

  • Deliver Into Your Units
  • Install Your New Appliances
  • Haul Away Your Old Appliances

Old appliance(s) removed from a property will be recycled for free. For more information, please visit the Recycling section of this website.